Mattress Factory

Each Mattress is made with resiliant pocket spring units that provide full body support.
Innovative Manufacturer Of High-quality Mattresses

We are currently taking enquiries for the purchase of our succuessful and sought after Brand, our Factory and Land.

Asking Price is $1,100,000 

Now is the time to invest in Sudan

  • Factory has significant scope to facilitate growth with the development of its product offering.
  • Strong knowledge and expertise across all areas in mattress manufacturing.
  1. Mago Furniture Factory, Land, Machinery, building and brand is all 100% owned and there are no bank loans or mortgage to any bank inside or outside Sudan. There are NO obligations to any other person.
  2. Once Purchase is complete the new owner will have entitlement to all the assets in regard's to this Business without delay.
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A renowned manufacturer and retailer of high-quality mattresses for clients across Sudan


Our Story

Mago Furniture Factory has been producing
 Pocket Spring Mattresses to 
high standard and quality ever since 2010. We are the ONLY factory in Sudan
producing Pocket Spring Mattresses.


The Total Area of the factory: 6000 square meters, containing:

*Production hall: 1,500 square meters
*Storage Warehouse:  750 square meters

Two storey building: 
*Ground floor for administration with an area 125 square metres
*First floor is the technicians rooms with a total of five rooms and four bathrooms with area of 125 square metres

Food Area & Parking:
*Buffet/Kitchen for the staff
*Parking for management

Mago Furniture Factory is well equipped with full plant of machinery,tools and equipments to produce pocket spring mattresses.

Buying a succesful brand

Profitability: From 40-70% depending on the volume of production and number of working shifts of which the indirect cost to be divided on the quantity produced per day.


The factory is equipped with a fully automatic generating set (whenever the power supply from the national grid is interrupted the generator starts automatically and will stop automatically when the power returns). The factory has its own fresh water well, depth 300 feet, complete with submersible pump and a storage tank and all water connections. The factory is complete with all drainage connections and septictank.


All machinery and equipment are exempt from Customs and the raw materials are all almost exempt from Customs, just required to pay a rate of 3% of Custom's tax except for the fabric which covers the mattresses from the outside, which is subject to full customs.


We have established control mechanisms allowing us to securely integrate our monitoring of all stages of works.